About Us

JNR Custom Homes LLC

It is our privilege to help our customers realize their dream of building a custom home. Every day, we roll up our sleeves to create the place where they will gather with family and friends to make memories — HOME. It is their most precious place, and it is an honor to build it with them.

JNR Custom Homes was founded on the idea of helping people improve their quality of life through building custom homes. Our unique homebuilding process ensures that our homebuyers receive tremendous value for every dollar they invest, making their new custom home a very wise financial investment.

Our founding mission lives on today, motivating our team to provide an exceptional home building experience. With the help of the experienced team at JNR Custom Homes, you can rest assured that our Homeowners vision of home is well within their reach.

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This Home Building Process Timeline provides a snapshot of the overall process of building a custom home and breaks it down into detailed steps. Of course, individual circumstances are always different, but having a general idea of the typical process is an essential step in the journey to building a new custom home.

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